I have been A Course in Miracles (ACIM) student for 18 years. Through dedication and
consistent practice of ACIM  teachings, I discovered that the promises of this spiritual
path are real and possible. I learned the healing power of dreams and visions when  
facing life’s challenges and hardships. Now, dreams and visions are my main source
for guidance, insights, and healing.

A Course in Miracles and Dreaming Miracles I have had numerous and
profound spiritual experiences, resulting in a deep and lasting peace, joyous and
harmonious relationships, a gentle flow of life, and a deep sense of connection to
others and to God.  

May the offerings on my website help you to identify unconscious blocks, be open to
the healing power of the spiritual realm, and awaken you to the glorious, joyful truth
of who you are.

Intuition provides crucial information on what blocks abundance, what is the next
right move, what we need to learn, let go of or embrace. More importantly, connecting
with inner Wisdom gives us a direct experience of the spiritual realm. I know of no
better way to access intuition and have this direct experience than through dreams
and visions.

I had my first spiritual dream the night I buried my baby, Aman
da. With everything
falling apart, something cracked open. And there it was - a channel to the spiritual
realm I didn't know existed. Since that fateful night, dreams and visions have provided
true understanding, healing, guidance, messages for others, and communication with
those not physically present.  

Spiritual dreaming is not a special gift. We all dream. We all have inner wisdom.
Therefore we all have access to this amazing resource for healing and inspiration. If
you are interested in exploring dreams and visions as a way to access the
unconscious realm, click on the link above for audios, videos, articles and programs.

My book,
Dreaming Miracles - Universal Messages That Heal and Bless contains answers
to life's biggest challenges and difficulties. We discover what creates problems in our
lives, how we block our own happiness, and what will free us from pain and
limitation. In this book you will learn simple, practical ways to understand and use
profound spiritual teachings to experience miracles in your everyday life.

A Course in Miracles

There are many resources posted on this website to deepen your understanding and
enrich your experience of ACIM. The links above will lead you to meditations, articles,
lectures, classes and exercises all based on Course teachings.

A Course in Miracles and Spiritual Dreams and Visions are the Perfect Match

Hearing the Voice for God is as easy as going to sleep. When we sleep, we retire from
the external world with all its problems and concerns and naturally relax our thinking
and defenses. This process enables us to effortlessly connect with the Holy Spirit to
receive surprising insights, guidance, and healing that cannot be gained through
intellectual study. Incorporating dreams and visions with
A Course in Miracles practice,
can help you travel gently and lightly along the path to awakening.


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Patti Fields
Awakening through Dreams and Visions
Insights to Light the Way