Thoughts that Illuminate

My Thoughts are Causing my Distress

Legend has it that when Einstein was asked by a reporter: "What, in your opinion is the most important
question you can ask?" Einstein thought for a bit then replied, "I think the most important question that you
can ask is, 'Is the universe a friendly place?' This is the first and most basic question all people must answer
for themselves”  Why is this most important question to ask?  Because what you believe about the universe
(is it friendly or unfriendly) will determine what kind of universe it is for you.  We can find this answer
written in ACIM;
“Every thought you have either brings peace or war; either love or fear.” (W.#16.3:1)

This idea that our minds are powerful and how we direct our minds determines our experience is an old idea
that is gaining new attention.  In the Gospel of Thomas it is written:  (106) Jesus said, "When you make the
two (thoughts and experience) one, you will become the sons of man, and when you say, 'Mountain, move
away,' it will move away."  In modern science we see it expressed this way: “Belief is the “program’ that
creates patterns in reality.” (Gregg Braden) or “The universe may be nothing more than a giant hologram
created by the mind." (David Bohm, physicist).  What is the guiding force in all that we see and experience?  
It is our choice in what we believe (think).  

Recently I saw the movie “The Soloist”.  In this movie, we meet the main character on the streets of Los
Angeles playing masterfully the violin.  His amazing musical talent combined with his homeless status intrigues
a Los Angeles Times reporter.  He wants to find the “story” behind this oxymoron; such talent surely would
be seen not in the Lamp District but on a stage filled with other great musicians.  His story leads us to
discover that the man who creates beautiful music also hears voices that disturb his peace.  In one scene he is
sitting with his head in his hands in agony listening and believing the voice in his mind that says “You are of no
consequence”.  This scene had such an impact on me. I went home and reflected on it.

I wrote in my journal “This is what I believe about myself.”  As soon as I locked into this thought,  the
emotions of anguish and hopelessness began to take hold.  But before I could travel too far down the rabbit
hole, I heard another Voice say, “You suffer because you believe this thought ‘I am of no consequence’.  Give
this thought to Me and I will purify it.”  I experienced immediate relief and gratitude. I did not need to know
what the purified thought was because as soon as I heard the Voice for God I felt only love.  This experience
reinforced for me the Course’s teaching that we have 2 voices in which we can listen to.  Each one guides
our thoughts, but to different ideas of who we are. The ego's voice said, “You are of no consequence”.  I
believed this thought and thereby began to suffer. The Holy Spirit’s Voice said, “This is not so”. When I
believed  this thought all suffering was gone.  

Einstein, Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas , Jesus in ACIM and modern scientist are all saying the same thing:
Our minds are powerful and it is what your mind chooses to believe is true that determines your experience
of the world (universe).   
“Your ability to direct your thinking as you choose is part of its power”. (T.7.VI.2:6)  How
do you know which direction you have chosen?  It will be apparent by your experience. The Holy Spirit’s
thoughts lead to peace and joy. The ego’s thoughts lead to pain and sorrow.  It is our choice which one we
listen to and believe. Therefore, it is our choice what we experience.  

What steps can we take to learn to listen to the Holy Spirit's Voice? We can begin to question the thoughts
that pass through our minds. What beliefs am I suffering from?  Am I willing to allow them to pass by without
believing them? Will I allow another voice to speak on behalf of my innocence and value established by God?  
When you find yourself believing an ego thought, try changing your direction.  Direct your thoughts away
from disturbing thoughts and toward thoughts that heal.  I have found the easiest way to do this is by asking a
simple question when I am suffering from my thoughts.  I ask the Holy Spirit, “Is this so?” and wait for His
loving reply.  The Holy Spirit only needs a moment of your attention. With the slightest of invitations, He will
replace this thought with one that reflects love.
“Let us be glad that you will see what you believe, and that it has been given you to change what you believe. (T-31.

Written by: Patti Fields