Connecting to Divine Wisdom is at the heart of every spiritual path.  It is our source for profound insights, answers
to our deepest questions, guidance about our daily life, and healing mentally, emotionally and physically. Yet making contact
with this inner wisdom and receiving clear messages can be challenging.

As we go about our daily life, the constant barrage of sights, sounds and thoughts keep us anchored in lower level
consciousness making it difficult to raise our awareness to the heavenly state. But when                                                    
we dream at night, this interference goes to sleep and what we have repressed during                                                      
the day comes to light.
  • Explore the use of dreams as a means to reach spiritual consciousness for
    guidance and healing.
  • Learn the 6 types of spiritual dreams to identify which dreams are from the
    Spirit and to discern their purpose.
  • Develop a dream practice that nurtures and promotes profound insights and
  • Recognize and release obstacles to receiving communication from the Spirit.
  • Gain knowledge of how to remember, interpret and apply the dream to your life.
  • Expand the use of your dreams to be a source of healing for others.

        You will leave with tools and practices to increase the quality of your dreams so they
        become the channel to receive miracles.
Dreams are often a night time show of our deepest fears, repressed dark
thoughts and/or ego desires. But there is a different kind of dream available to us
that originates from a higher state of consciousness. Spiritual dreams provide
information beyond our normal way of thinking and feeling. They are God's way
of speaking to us and our opportunity to listen.

In many cultures and religious traditions it was common to use the dream world
as a meeting place to connect with Divine Wisdom.  Today we have lost sight of
this valuable resource. This is surprising because spiritual dreaming is not a special
gift.  We all have access to God consciousness. We all dream.  Therefore we all
have the ability to receive profound messages and healing in the dream state.

That being said, spiritual dreaming is an art form that must be practiced and
nurtured. I am excited to share with you two events that will help you learn how
to take your natural ability to dream and let it be used as a channel for healing.
Gathering: Listen to the Spirit   Friday November 10, 2017
Over the years I have received spiritual messages in the dream state that were
the catalyst to many miracles in my life.  These dreams healed unconscious
blocks, answered my deepest questions and revealed spiritual truth. In our
gathering, I will read some of the dreams, expand on the wisdom contained in
the message and offer ways to apply it to your own life so that you can
experience the healing power of these dreams.  
Workshop: Discover the Healing Power of Dreams  Saturday November 11, 2017
We all have the innate ability to receive spiritual support, guidance and healing through our dreams. Yet for dreams to be
effective and miraculous, it is important to strengthen this natural ability.
 During our time together we will use teaching,
reflection and experiential exercises to:
Listen to an excerpt about
"The Titanic" dream.
Penfield, New York

Listen to the Spirit
Friday November 10, 2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Sliding Scale: $10.00 - $15.00

Discover the Healing Power
of Dreams
Saturday November 11, 2017
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Sliding Scale: $45.00 - $65:00
Discover The Healing Power of Dreams