Gratitude is saying thank you for a blessing. Can the ego get ahold of gratitude to promote guilt and separation?  You bet it
can!  With a desire to be in a state of true thankfulness and gratitude this holiday, we take a close look at how we can use
gratitude as an expression of unity and guiltlessness. We talk about what we are really thankful for from a Course
perspective and end with a Prayer of thankfulness to our Creator.
From A Course in Miracles we learn the true meaning of the birth of Christ and how we too can make the great discovery
of the truth about our Self.  "Is he the Christ? O yes, along with you."   Teachings, Meditations, Prayers, Music
This audio recording was a homily I gave as a guest speaker at Spiritus Christi Church in 2003.  When I was asked to
speak I was knee deep in my feelings of inadequacies as a mom and felt I did not have anything uplifting to offer the
mom's in our community.  I took the invitation to speak into prayer and asked the Holy Spirit what if anything could I offer
that would be helpful and supportive to other moms.  This homily is the result.  I experienced a healing when I wrote this
and when I spoke it to others.  It was my first experience of letting the Holy Spirit speak through me and I was filled with
gratitude when realizing that His messages are always loving, never judging and will always lead to peace.

Here is a link to an article I wrote  in 2009 on the same subject:  
New Year's Day
Care for the Soul: Follow Your Heart's Desire.

This year try a better way to conduct your year-in-review and to make a New Year's resolution.  This better way gives an
account of the past year that will leave you hopeful and a New Year's resolution  that will guarantee to lead you to  perfect
happiness and peace.
The Christian season of Lent is based on the time when Jesus went into the desert for forty days and nights and was
tempted by the 'devil'.   The 40 days before Easter is meant to purify us of our sinful ways in order to be worthy to receive
the gift of sacrifice from Jesus and to be with God once again.  A Course in Miracles has a different plan for salvation.  This
plan is for our total acceptance of the idea that we never sinned therefore there is nothing to atone for.  We were created
in God’s perfect likeness and remain just as He created us.  We are forever joined with the Father and no amount of
dreaming will ever change that.  As Course students why not use a traditional Christian season to illuminate and reinforce
this message? Here are five weekly practices that help us remove the blocks to seeing our true nature and to help "bring
Heaven nearer to our reach".
Relationships: The Ego's Playground or the Holy Spirit's Healing Garden?   You Decide....
We all are in relationship in one form or another, whether it be with a partner, a parent, a child, a co-worker or a friend.  Our
relationships seem to vacillate between ego driven goals which result in confusion and conflict and the goal of truly joining
together in unity and peace.  How can we be more consistent in choosing peace instead of conflict; unity instead of
separation? Is there a way to heal
through our relationships?
In this teaching we learn of the ego purpose of relationship, how to change our minds about what relationships  are for and
how to notice and release the hidden beliefs that block true communion with each other and with God.

If the recording gets "stuck" close the link, click the audio again, press play and then pause for a bit to give it time to load, and then press play.